Frequently asked questions?

Are the materials used safe for my family and pets?

Yes, when applied correctly. It is always best to let the materials dry before reentering or allowing pets to enter treated areas. This typically takes about 15-30 minutes after application. Certain pets, like cats, should remain away from treated areas as often as possible even after application. We do not treat children's toys, pet dishes & toys, herb/vegetable/fruit plants, or surfaces used for cooking or eating.

What Makes Us Different from Other 'Pest' Companies?

In a nutshell, the quality of the products being used and the time we spend at each account reflects our service motives and defines us as a company. There is integrity in every service and it shows.

Can We Service your Home in Poor Weather?

Generally, no. We find it interesting to see all the 'Big' name companies out running their routes and servicing in the rain- Not only can that render the service inneffective, it can also be unsafe and cause the pesticides to enter into non-target areas.

If it rains prior or after a service, you will be fine- the materials we use, once dried, not only remain on the substrate, they remain effective for their due duration. We are always conscious of the current weather situation and forecast and schedule services accordingly.

How to Prepare for Pest Service

We will contact you automatically when your service is due, but feel free to call us in the meantime with any questions or needs.-Prior to our arrival, pets should be kept inside until our materials have settled and dried (typically 20 minues after the service is completed)-All Children's toys, pet's toys and food dishes, and clothing (etc) should be picked up and removed away from the yard and home-It is best that windows and doors are kept closed during the service, and kept closed unitl the materials are dry- Remove all storage and debris away from the home. Also trim back shrubs and trees and rake leaf litter to provide us access to treatment areas and pest harborage


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