Meet the Team

We are a small family owned company, local here in Upland since 2009

Started in late 2009, I started ProCraft with the idea that I could offer a better, more thorough service, using the most effective and safest materials available at a lower price. Sounds cliché? That's what I did and that's how we grew and continue to grow- it's not terribly complicated.

Two business I admire for their philosophy and ethic are Heinz (for their Ketchup) and In-N-Out (For Everything). Heinz said (paraphrase) you don't have to invent anything new; you  just have to do one thing better than anyone else.

Let's face it, Heniz ketchup is the best and surely In-N-Out and their reputation follow suit with their excellent product and service. That's one of the reasons we keep our offerings simple and prefer to specialize in the Pest Control aspect of our business versus adding repair or insulation services like many of our peers. I feel it's better to be a master of few things versus a jack of all trades. 

Michael Furlong


I'm very happily married and have 5 kids. I spend most of my time cleaning up after them or making poor meal choices. I grew up on the east coast, namely in Nashua, New Hampshire and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I have been here in Southern California since 2002 which makes me a 'through and through' Californian- this means I don't use my turn signal, I tailgate while driving and don't talk or look at people that I pass by in public.
I enjoy movies; my favorite is 'The Three Amigos'. I am also a pizza snob. I  drink copious amounts of black coffee and, in a previous life, I used to work out.


Patrick Valdez

Senior Pest Control Technician

Patrick has been with Procraft for over 6 years and not only runs a pest route, but also oversees our in house Subterranean Termite Treatments. He is thorough and professional and we are happy to have him.
In his spare time, Patrick often prefers to endanger life and limb by downhill mountain biking, boxing, and weightlifting.


Luke Miller

Pest Control Technician

Luke is well known to Michael, having previously worked with him outside of ProCraft. He is honest, punctual, and very polite. Luke swam in college although he is now very much into rock climbing and general fitness. He only eats once a day, which we understand is an important part of intermittent fasting, keeping his weight down for climbing. However, Mike eats all day, at every opportunity. This is the only cause for Mike's mild distrust on Luke's account because regular humans should not GQ models.

Robert Schmidt

Pest Technician

Robert is our newest technician and comes from the automotive detailing industry, which is great. His experience and attention to detail translates perfectly into our industry . He is a Southern California native, currently out of Rancho Cucamonga, and is married to his beautiful wife Melissa. He enjoys hiking and has a passion for detailing vehicles- so much so, he has his own business RS Luxury Detail and does appointment work on the weekends.

Fara Aidul

Office Manager

Fara started with us part time back in 2012 but started full time with us quickly after, proving her worth and value immediately. She answers the phone when you call the office, manages the routes, sets all appointments, ensures productivity, and overall keeps us in line.
She was in school full time when starting with us, at CalPoly. Since graduating with a BS in Business Management, she is currenntly continuing her education pursuing a Degree in Nursing to become an RN.


Samuel Saucedo

Pest Control Technician

Samuel started with us in 2016 and has been running a pest control route ever since. He currently services the Pasadena through (eastward) Glendora areas.
Sam is soft spoken but diligent and responsible. He enjoys sushi, cold bean burritos, and on his free time he is involved in his local church, running their Video and Public Outreach Team. He also edits and produces music as a hobby.
As of September of 2018, he is looking to head out on a multi-country mission to help poor communities and cities while spreading the Gospel. He may be out for several months late 2018 through 2019. It promises to be a great experience for him and those he will be serving.


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