Pest Control

Pest Control for all of Our Favorite "Uninvited" Guests...

Many insects and spiders find their way into our homes accidentally- we call them 'Occasional Invaders'. Others are more inclined to hang around and partake of your food and space- We call them 'Pests'Conducive conditions, like weather, landscaping, and perhaps gaps and cracks around your home can allow them to gain entry and piddle around your carpets and baseboards, kitchen countertops, etc. Our service is aimed at preventing them from reaching the inside of your home en masse.

​Some pests will always have some measure of presence around your yard and home; think funnel web spiders in the hedges or ants trailing at the back wall.  Although often completely beneficial and harmless in their own environment, they prove to be a menace to homeowners  once their populations reach intolerable levels or enter the home in large numbers.

​Regular maintenance around the perimeter of the home and yard can greatly reduce these pests and help you better enjoy not just your back patio and pool, but also will limit the amount of bothersome bugs you see inside. We primarily offer Bimonthly and Quarterly services but also have Monthly and One-Time services. Every home is different- talk to us about what you're looking for so we can offer you the best service that meets your needs.